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Dear Friends,


This month, the conservative publication Imprimis, a publication of Hillsdale College, published a speech of mine, and I hope you will take a few minutes to read it!


In the speech I touch on a number of issues affecting liberty, and I speak about the future of federalism.  To read the text of my speech - please click here!


As we progress through 2011, liberty itself continues to be under attack - and its future in our republic is far from certain.  It is not a coincidence that those same individuals who seek to grow the size and scope of government at the expense of our liberty are constantly seeking to undermine my efforts in Virginia.


In this important election year in Virginia, I need your help to push back against the liberal special interests and help my efforts to elect conservatives around the Commonwealth.


Can you help me today by making a donation to my campaign? 


Your donation will also help me build up my campaign war chest to counter the funds sure to be used to defeat me as we gear up for our next race.       

Virginia's campaign finance laws - which I support - allow unlimited contributions from just about any source, as long as they are disclosed.

That means the left could literally pump millions of dollars into the campaign against me at a moment's notice.

Again, your support of my campaign is critical for our efforts, both in 2011 and beyond.  


Will you help me fight back against the left and continue to promote America's founding principles by sending a generous donation of $25, $50, $100 or more today? 

I truly appreciate all you do to stand up for limited government, free markets and individual liberty. I hope you can help my campaign by sending the most generous donation you can afford today. 


Thank you for your support, and please pass the Imprimis speech on to your friends! 




Ken Cuccinelli, II

Attorney General of Virginia



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