Dear Friend of Liberty

Dear Friend of Liberty,


On April 19, 1775, two hundred and thirty six years ago today, the first armed engagements of the Revolutionary War took place.  The battles of Lexington and Concord sparked the chain of events that resulted in the highly successful Siege of Boston.


America's war for Independence was of course a direct result of the tyrannical actions of the British Parliament and King. The violations of liberty they inflicted on the American people stepped over the line.


Our founding fathers took the brave and courageous step of standing up to Great Britain.  The values our founders risked their lives for then are still relevant today.


They saw the founding principles of Life, Liberty and Property as the bedrocks of a proper governmental system. These values were worth making sacrifices for then, and they still are today. 


However, here in Virginia and across the country, Constitution-minded citizens and elected officials are struggling to push back against Washington's astonishing encroachments upon our constitutional system of government.  Virginia's principled fights against the unconstitutional healthcare bill and the illegal greenhouse gas endangerment finding are just two of many such examples.


The Commonwealth of Virginia will not stand by idly while Congress oversteps its authority and violates our rights as Americans.  


I take seriously my oath to defend the Constitutions of the United States and of Virginia ... even when that means I have to defend them from the current leaders of the federal government.


As we go forward and continue to push back against federal overreach, let us be mindful of what our forefathers went through to make our nation an independent republic - and make sure we act to preserve and defend our liberties from those who would take them away.



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Ken Cuccinelli, II

Attorney General of Virginia


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Looters burn and pillage through America as Democrat politicians refrained from condemning them, actor James Woods summed up the Democrats’ hypocrisy in one tweet, writing, “Democrats were literally arresting Americans for opening their businesses, but now are silent as protesters burn them down. You were fined for worshipping in your church, but now cheered for marching in screaming crowds.”



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