11/02/2012 06:20

This Could be our LAST ELECTION

   As a 70 year old Veteran and the owner of a small business I have watched what has happened to my country in the last 4 years and can not for the life of me understand why anyone would put Obama back in office?

   ON HIS watch NOT BUSH I have watched 5 of my neighbors loose there houses because of losing there jobs. I have seen business after business close here where I live. I have seen gas go from $1.86 to $3.40 and yet Obama has the nerve to ask for 4 more years!

   I would like to know what logic the Pro-Obama people use to justify their choice? Is it because they like the government taking care of them and giving up their freedom? Do they even care that out country has lost its respect in the world? I wish I knew?

   All I know is that we are facing a choice on November 6 2012. Will we be Free or will we look to the government for all we have?

   Do we really think that with just half of the people working can give the other half of the people who don’t work everything they want without us running out of money? Have we not taken the time to look at other nations that have tried that and seen it will not work?

    I don’t know what is going to happen on November 6 but one thing I do know is this, that this might be our last election as a Free Nation.


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