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I have written several editorials, in the Rappahannock Times


November 19, 2012


I have written several editorials, in the Rappahannock Times, discouraging our government from continuing Land Use Programs in Essex County. While I have many opinions about our governments, as I assure you, many informed Essex citizens do, I am especially interested in equal taxation for all. Land Use programs create revenue loss. Land Use policies have increased real estate rates which is unfair to the small land and home owner. I hope we would agree there should be no government programs that reward one American tax payer while penalizing others. Also, the programs create animosity among America’s people. We all want to be treated fairly and equally and paying higher taxes due to these programs is certainly not fair.

The story I am about to tell you is an example of the behavior of bullies who believe revenge is simply a means to what they want.

Early Saturday morning, my son received a call from his friend, who is a member of the Old Lloyds Hunt Club. My son occasionally hunts as a guest of this friend. His friend called to tell him the club had voted that he was no longer allowed on Old Lloyds hunting property because of the editorials his Mom had written in the paper about Land Use.

So there you are. A small faction of land owners who believe they are entitled to pay fewer taxes than other citizens and use their little club to hurt people who don’t believe as they do. What type of men use a hunt club to exact revenge on a person that had nothing to do with what the land use recipients are unhappy about? I wonder how many of these men call themselves Christians.

I could wonder forever as to the character of your membership gentlemen but I believe you have shown yourselves for who you are. I want to personally thank you for no longer exposing my God fearing, respectful, intelligent child to your vengeful, hateful way of thinking. I am sorry, however, that there are other children in your club that will be taught to think as you do.

Congratulations, Old Lloyds! You have just proven yourselves worthy to be a member of the Democratic Party. Our Administration has set the tone for all future behavior where there has to be a victor. Are untrue rumors about me your next plan of attack or are you coming after my daughter this time?

Pat Roth – Tappahannock







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