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Everyone has an opinion about land use programs.


Everyone has an opinion about land use programs.  Liberals want our natural resources saved and expanded, at all costs.  Conservatives want our natural resources guarded and replenished but not at the cost of our property rights.  Our government doesn’t care one way or the other what we want.  They have joined the UN Agenda 21 program and simply want our natural resources to help create a World Organization with world power.  That is easily attained once you are the one holding all natural resources.

The biggest joke on the American public is we are told these programs are designed to conserve our forests, wetlands, etc.  These lies are perpetrated through the Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission on behalf of the state and federal governments.  A HALF TRUTH!  If your property is in a “conservation easement”, you have actually given your property to the government to “protect” from human use.  From what I hear many people don’t even understand the ramifications of the programs until it is too late to question the government. Sadly, once in, never out.

Now let’s talk about all the other programs.  THEY DO NOT CONSERVE ANYTHING!  What really happens is this; the owner pays dramatically lower taxes as long as the property stays in the program for 5 years.  If the property is taken out of the program before the 5 years is up, the owner has to pay back taxes.  However, if the property stays in the program for 5 years, he can now do whatever he wishes with the property.  The owner may sell, develop, timber or farm his property as though he were never in a program (Of course, he may stay in, too.  And why wouldn’t he?  Consider the yearly savings).  There was no conservation involved.  The land owner saved on taxes for five years while those not allowed into the program paid the lost revenue for them.  Go to www.essex-virginia.gov  to the assessors property cards and see how many acres are in the programs.  Many properties are one acre or less although the web site says only 5 acres or more qualify for programs.  This is because the small acreage lots are attached to a larger qualifying property (do they make up the rules as they go along?).  For instance, an owner has three, one-acre lots on the river valued at $303,000.00 each.  Behind the three lots are 43 acres that qualify for land use.  Because the three single acre lots are attached to the 43 acre parcel, they too qualify. The program values the lots at $758.00 each.  The owner goes from paying $1833.15 per lot to $4.54 per lot.  Those that cannot qualify for land use make up the tax shortfall for those that do qualify.  ARE YOU GETTING IT YET?    

The farmers are making a killing and have done so for so many years.  They believe themselves to be entitled to the programs.  They apparently think we can’t do without their production.  However, the government actually pays farmers not to produce so prices will stay high and we can export, too.  If our government and the farmers were doing their jobs would we have starving people in America?   Essex residential tax payers are tired of paying for your Monster trucks, pulling tractors, and unnecessary year-end farm equipment purchases with our tax money from the government.  You save hundreds of thousands in taxes, receive hundreds of thousands from the federal government and use your ill gotten gain to buy more property for Essex residents to pay more taxes on.

Our God given sovereign rights are being taken from us by the government.  They see themselves as entitled dictators of our lands, natural resources and our human rights.  They say they are doing this to save us from ourselves.  I personally feel we can make decisions for ourselves about our own land and its uses.   




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